Sonntag, 27. November 2016

on waiting.

How can we learn to value the concept of waiting for anything?
"The notion of value depends on our own investment in an object. If an object is to be valuable, we have to invest ourselves in it. There is no better investment than to give one's time, to wait for something. Most often, if one gets a desired object immediately, one's own being is not involved in that object, and the object remains impersonal, exchangeable, dispensable. It has nothing of ourselves in it."

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

"Went to see a movie show
Found myself an empty row
Thought the show was just alright
Same old Saturday night
Then I made the usual stop
Coffee at the coffee shop
Friendly face nowhere in sight
Same old Saturday night"

written by Sammy Cahn and Frank Reardon.

Sonntag, 25. September 2016

autumn bucket list.

  1. read. a lot. maybe: Siri Hustvedt, Virginia Woolf, Zadie Smith; definitely: "Autumn" by Ali Smith
  2. bake. at least 3 times. a birthday cake, a homely bake, an apple pie or tart
  3. go for walks. often. listen to podcasts or to the leaves crunching under your feet.
  4. discover new coffeehouses. read or relocate your office.
  5. listen to my fave "autumn albums", eg. this, this and this one.

Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

"Ich bin nicht Siddhartha, ich bin nur immer wieder auf dem Wege zu ihm [...] Man darf sich nie auf eine gefundene Wahrheit versteifen, auch nicht auf die eines Buches, denn das Suchen kann wohl gelernt werden, das Finden nicht. Aber jeden Augenblick steht dieses Wunder uns offen."

- Hermann  Hesse. Brief an Bruno Randusus, ca. 1922

Dienstag, 20. September 2016

sounds of summer. we transition into autumn at the end of this week, I conclude:

sounds of summer:
the little girl two doors down singing a melody from "swan lake"
polish workers chatting and laughing away while refurbishing the house next door
bees buzzing mistaking the flowery table cloth for real poppies
little birdies chirping under rooftops
woodpecker on apricot tree
the soundscape of the lido
the crunch when biting into an ice-cream cone
paper - flipping the page of your summer read
water splashing - everywhere
conversations al fresco

always leave space for the divine

Photo: Jan Versweyveld

|| notes on Studio360 - TAVI GEVINSON interviews BEN WISHAW:

"your intuition is quicker than your intelligence"
"your job is not to judge your work, your job is to make it" 
"always leave space for the divine" 

Montag, 19. September 2016


bloomsbury. androgynous creatures floating through green patterns. fairy like in earthly surroundings. out of bed. hair. slumber fashion. walking though the labyrinth at dawn. PJs all day. shabby richness. layers on layers. curly locks. brideshead. casual extravaganza. dandy delight. piercing. soothing. violins. visceral sounds. heavenly. drunk. toast. and milky tea. brownish alcohol in small glasses. abandoned mansions. early. but. late. 
orlando and virginia. 

sagmeister sagt.

Coffee Stain by Roger Karlsson

"Even though I'm not a very secretive person, I try not to talk about future projects, simply because I've learned that if I do, I live so much through them that I lose the desire to do them - it's a very Viennese trait. So many people sit in cafés in Vienna and talk about the things they want to do and lose desire to do them."

yes , there are moments when you shouldn't embrace your inner child

|| Phoebe Prentice Terry on Emotional Spending
"a great deal of your impulses are not based on logic, but rather a very deep-rooted urge for instant gratification"
"inside all of us there is a needy, red-cheeked toddler who wants to throw herself on the floor and have a massive hissy fit because she wants something you don't actually need" 

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

procrastinate until you are sick of yourself. until then, enjoy the perks of procrastination.

what inspires me today.

writer MOLLY YOUNG. on instagram. her blog. her into the gloss profile.

the sound of BLOSSOM DEARIE while working. feels like i'm transported back in time. somehow sophisticated.

fellow austrian STEFAN SAGMEISTER. new yorker. graphic designer. lover of beauty. discover: TED #1 - happiness by design & TED #2 - 7 rules for making more happiness.

pic via.